Jennifer Bolten-McDonough is a mixed media artist  inspired by all things living, dead, and everything in between. She is currently exploring a wide range of themes from dark, Gothic, steam punk motifs that juxtapose animals, bones and insects with romantic, folklore-based images of women, as well as lighthearted flora and fauna fairytale depictions of children.

Graphite drawing is the underlying structure In all of her illustrations. Jennifer composes the core image using a full range of graphite tones, later adding layers of ornate baroque patterns to further manipulate the design. This allows her the flexibility and freedom to shape the image and create content and depth. Light oil glazes in a limited color palette complete the illustrations . Some of Jennifer's other illustrations are pure graphite on paper, allowing the simplicity of the medium to carry the image. Jennifer's range of mediums give her the flexibility to ultimately create work that is strange, powerful and beautiful.

Jennifer lives in San Francisco with her husband, James, her daughter, Quinn and their 2 German short hair pointers, Vinnie and Ginger. 



Wren Hop Vineyards

Illustrations for wine labels